How to work remotely, stay focused and motivated

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, remote working was on the rise with more people than ever before freelancing and working independently. Businesses are starting to see the benefits of remote working, with benefits including improved employee morale and reduced infrastructure costs. By tailoring your environment and learning how to work remotely, you can become productive in any space.

1. Create the perfect work environment

For many of us, remote working was thrust into our lives with little notice. All of a sudden workplaces became kitchen tables, sofas and beds with little guidance provided on how to work remotely. Although we may naturally tend to move into comfortable spaces, it’s little surprise that this was not conducive to high productivity. It takes time to carve out a perfect bubble of space within which you can find your flow.

Build an office space with a seated or standing desk, positioning your laptop or computer at a comfortable level. Try to single out a space in your home that’s free of distractions, and mark this area out for work. Sitting down at this desk will signal to your brain that it’s time to work, and you’ll find it easier to focus.

2. Build routine

With increased freedom over our work-life balance it’s easy to slip into bad habits. Putting off tasks until the last minute might see you doing them late into the evening. Build a routine around regular working hours, creating a to-do list and setting clear deadlines for your tasks. Having structure will help you stay on track and and not fall prey to distractions. Using a time tracking app will help you understand where every minute of your time is spent and help you stay on track with your tasks.

3. Create boundaries

Commitment to your job is great, but when your working life starts to bleed into your professional life, motivation inevitably fades. Setting boundaries about when you’re available will help build a stronger working relationship.

Simultaneously, when you’re remote working it’s easy for your family life to become a habitual disturbance of your professional practice. Make sure everyone respects your office space and understands that they can’t expect to interact with you during the working day.

4. Restore relationships

“Extraverts enjoy busy scenarios and often shifting to remote working can suddenly starve you of the social contact that you need to thrive,” says Cheryl W. Campbell, a tech blogger at OXEssays. “If you feel motivation dipping at work it could be your energy levels changing in response to your social environment.” Reach out to the old faces of the office to meet in person, or pursue new avenues for social contact such as hobbies to restore the essential relationships in your life.

5. Switch it up

One reason that motivation can fail when you’re working from home is that your carefully curated routine is never interrupted. Whilst working in an office is full of surprises and distractions (for better or worse) once you’ve built the perfect space at home, you may find the days drifting together.

When you start to flag, feel free to switch it up. If you have a piece of work to focus on and no meetings or calls to take, moving into the coffee shop for a couple of hours can rejuvenate your sense of motivation with the hustle and bustle of activity around you. Alternatively, there are tons of co-working spaces nowadays that recreate office atmosphere with all the perks and none of the downsides. One of the main benefits of remote working is increased control in your working life – so use it!

Signing off

The increase in remote working is one of the biggest trends we’ll see in the coming years. If you’ve always been office bound, this might be a shock to the system but remote working gives you greater influence over your working conditions and can promote a better work-life balance. Stay motivated with these tips to get the best of both worlds.

Looking for extra guidance?

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Author: Katherine Rundell is a writer at Academized and Coursework Help. She has been a freelancer and digital nomad since she left college and profoundly enjoys the freedom remote working has given her. For more of her work, check out Dissertation Writing service.