How to unlock your time in 2021

Guidance on how to unlock your time and be more productive in 2021.

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. The global pandemic has reshaped the world we live in and accelerated the future of work to the present. Finding balance and being able to unlock your time for the things that really matter has never been more important. 

As this extraordinary year draws to a close, let Timeular be your guide to achieving a more healthy and rewarding work life in 2021.

Track time together 🙌

As the pandemic stuck and remote working became the norm, we launched Shared Spaces – a powerful feature that allows you and your team to track time together in one place, wherever you are.

Level up how your team operates in 2021 by making Shared Spaces integral to your set-up. Everyday tasks such as handing in timesheets, billing projects, and checking a project’s profitability, become effortless and more accurate with Shared Spaces. Whether you’re back in the office or working from home, those virtual high fives will be flooding in when your team’s billable hours skyrocket.

Unleash your superpower 🧙‍♂️

Our time tracking dice isn’t enough because you want to track more than 8 things, create new activities on the fly, and add notes to your activities more easily? Our super-speedy desktop shortcut feature, QuickTrack, lets you do all this and more, with just two taps on your keyboard. 

Track time without losing focus in 2021. Open the app and give QuickTrack it a try – (Mac: CMD+E, Win/Linux: CTRL+E). It might just be the best shortcut you ever learn

Track from wherever you are 🌴

Internet connection problems are inevitable (usually in the middle of that all important client Zoom call!), but work still happens and time still needs to be tracked. 

Our offline tracking feature lets you track time entries when offline and easily synch your calendar when you’re back online. If you’re thinking of making remote work a permanent fixture in 2021 by relocating to a tropical hideaway, then offline tracking could be just the feature you need to stay ahead of the game.

Work smarter, not harder 🤖

The robots haven’t taken over yet, but our new integration with Zapier means it’s now super easy to unlock your time by automating common tasks – whether it’s notifying a client that you’ve started tracking their project, updating your Slack status when your Tracker flips to a particular activity, or automating time entries in your billing system. The possibilities are endless (and so are the hours you can save!)

Connect Timeular with over 2,000 apps including Slack, Salesforce, Asana, Google Teams, QuickBooks and PayPal and you’ll be surprised just how much time you start saving each week for more meaningful activities.

Set goals 🎯

If you’re serious about making 2021 the year you take control of your time, then setting a weekly tracking target is a must-do. Just open the Timeular app and set your goal, then watch yourself track towards it. You can even exclude certain activities to make your time tracking efforts even more accurate.

Take time out ☕️

It might surprise you to hear that one of the most effective ways to unlock your time is by doing nothing at all! Taking a short break from work activities can help you regain focus and turbocharge your productivity levels. 

Why not put the kettle on and spend a few minutes taking in the inspiring stories on our blog? Discover how Timeular users are unlocking their time and get expert guidance from our productivity contributors to help make time yours. Whether it’s tips on how to schedule your day to reach peak productivity, simple steps you can take to finish your work day on time, or how to stay focused while working from home – there’s something for everyone seeking to make their time count.

Looking for extra guidance? 📖

Our remote working guide is full of tips to help you thrive in 2021. From how to plan your day, to ensuring your virtual meetings pass without a hitch, the guide shows how to work remotely and ensure that every minute of your time counts.

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