How to never miss a billable hour again

Stacy Baker is the owner of an administrative professional business called Proficient Assistant. She has just started her business and wanted to make sure she wasn’t losing time while working from home. In addition, she needs to bill her clients separately and wants to keep track of personal and business time during the day so she started looking for solutions to help

From the to-do list to the billing program

All of the tasks Stacy needs to get done, she puts on a list in her Todoist account. In the next step, she prioritizes them. 

After that, she structures her day in time blocks on her calendar,  based upon today’s items and the priorities of her list. 

She then tracks her activities during the day. Work for multiple clients, business activities and personal time are some of the sides of her Tracker. If applicable, she uses #tags and @mentions to add project numbers and a detailed list of work products/activities to her time entries to make her billing process even smoother.

“It’s important for me to track my time in order to bill accurately, and it’s very helpful to see how much time I devote to actual billable hours each day. It allows me to have a better idea of how productive I’ve been.”

After she reassessed her billed time in the Timeular analytics, she puts her hours into her billing program.

“That way I am never behind or miss out on billing properly.”

More focus, less switching

Before she used Timeular, she was switching her time between multiple activities. Tracking details of those activities for billing and time planning wasn’t easy at all. Now she can track all of her tasks more accurately and increased her billable hours. 

Stacy’s tip: use Timeular in combination 

Use Timeular to monitor your time in combination with other applications like a calendar for time blocking and Todoist to write down all the tasks you need to get done. Furthermore, it is helpful to log your time into an invoicing software to avoid missing any precious billable hours being charged. 


Stacy is the owner of Proficient Assistant, an administrative professional company. She has been using Timeular for 6 months now.