How to manage irregular working hours and free up 4 additional hours

Timeular Customer Peter Staunton

estimated reading time: 1.5 min

Peter works as a music producer at  SuperCéilí. He often works late at night due to events and performances and therefore has very irregular working hours.  Not having a regular work schedule makes it crucial for him to keep track of his time during the workweek. This helps Peter compare the time he spent on projects with the corresponding revenue and see where changes might be necessary.

Identify areas one is spending too much time on

He usually starts his workday by prioritizing tasks on his ToDo list.

“I try not to begin by responding to emails and inquiries as this means prioritizing somebody else’s tasks over my own.”

Peter tracks production work, technical work, promotional work, creative time & correspondence/admin and ToDo list management. These cover all his work activities. 

When he started using Timeular he was able to review very accurate statistics about his working hours and discover where his time was actually going – with some interesting results.

“I was able to identify areas of work that I was spending too much time on.”

Exactly identifying which tasks are taking up too much time helped him offload some projects. This is saving him about 4 hours of work per week. 

Another benefit that time tracking brought into Peter’s life is the fact that having a Tracker running increases his focus on the task at hand and minimizes distractions. 

Peter’s tip: be thoughtful with your activities

“Take your time to find your activities. This will maximize the usefulness of your data. Also, be thorough. Ensure you track all work time so that you get an accurate picture of your working hours,” Peter.


Peter Staunton works as a producer at SuperCéilí, a live show which mixes Electronic Dance Music with Irish Dance Music. He has been using Timeular for over a year now.