How to help your employees thrive with remote working

Having a healthy and happy workforce is a vital for the success of any business, with increased levels of productivity, fewer sick days and more engaged employees amongst the benefits.

The global pandemic has seen increasing numbers of employees forced to adopt remote working, isolated from their team and often in a home environment not best suited to the demands of work. Prioritizing employee wellbeing has never been more important and can help individuals thrive in this new normal.

Encourage physical exercise

Physical exercise not only helps clear the mind and reduce stress, but also plays a key role in preventing illnesses such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

As an employer, it’s important to think creatively about ways to encourage employees to be physically active. Why not consider providing an allowance to buy bikes, allowing staff to go for a cycle during their breaks. This would also allow them to start cycling to work again when the pandemic is over, helping them stay fit and start the day focussed.

Foster ways to curb mental illness

With many people carrying huge burdens in life at present, it’s no surprise that levels of stress and depression are on the rise. These conditions can easily transition into long-term mental illnesses if left untreated. 

An effective method of improving the mental health of your workforce is to introduce incentives that make it easier for them to find balance. You can encourage flexible schedules, allowing employees to work when they feel most productive, rather than the usual confines of 9-5.

Providing subscriptions for wellbeing platforms, whether it’s meditation apps or fitness trackers, will also make it easier for your workforce to develop positive lifestyle habits – benefitting both them and your organization.

Encourage time off and breaks

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to health complications including bad posture, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. Encouraging employees to take regular breaks from their desk will help them stay alert and refreshed.

Introducing a home working allowance also allows employees to invest in equipment to help them improve their working set-up, like a standing desk or desk lamp. 

Encourage healthy eating

Healthy eating is a crucial factor in keeping illnesses at bay. Encourage your remote employees to stay healthy by sharing vouchers that they can redeem with online healthy snack providers. When they are back in the office, having a ready supply of fruits and nuts in the staff kitchen will also encourage healthier food choices, stopping people hitting the cookie jar for a sugar rush during those mid-afternoon slumps. 

Another way to encourage healthy eating is to create a channel for recipe sharing in your chosen form of communication (eg. Slack). Getting inspired by other co-workers not only encourages healthier eating, but also helps bonding amongst teammates while working remotely.

Put in the time and reap the benefits

Focusing on the wellbeing of your employees will help them find much needed balance in their lives and demonstrate to them how much they are valued by your organization. By helping them thrive in their jobs during these uncertain times you will also ensure that your business has the greatest opportunity to continue to flourish in the months and years ahead.

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Lena Linetti is an architect. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Lena puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.