Effective time management can unleash your potential

Effective time management is crucial to Chris Webster’s success as a self-employed podcaster, archaeologist and business owner. He juggles an ever growing list of tasks and projects every day, whether in the recording studio, at excavation sites or meeting with clients. Having a time tracking solution at his fingertips helps him ensure his time is being used effectively.

Chris’s interest in Timeular was sparked after coming across the time management solution on social media. Attracted by its to-the-minute accuracy and ability to deliver rich insights, he immediately made a purchase.

Reaching new goals

Setting time tracking goals is Chris’s favorite feature of the Timeular app. It helps him build motivation and develop effective time management habits, particularly when remote working.

He tracks his time with the world’s first 8-sided time tracking dice, then reviews his working day in the app analytics dashboard to develop a better understanding of how long projects really take.

As a Pro subscriber, he can download and share his time reports in a variety of formats. This makes his billing process seamless and increases transparency, whether he’s quoting for work or issuing invoices. 

Levelling up his work set-up

Timeular’s recent integration with Zapier has also made it possible for Chris to connect over 3,000 tools and apps with his Timeular account. Whether it’s notifying a client that he has started work on their project or automatically updating entries in Trello for project management, it’s easier for him to unlock time for more meaningful tasks.

Making time count 

The daily practice of time tracking has transformed Chris’s approach to work. It helps him understand how his time is spent and lets him work smarter, not harder. As a result, he is better placed to make the changes necessary to unleash his potential and ensure his business thrives.

Ready to unlock your time?

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