How does Timeular help Alistair increase sales by 25% and learn Japanese?

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Alistair works as a director at Stretch Electrical Limited. The company is specialized in the electrical safety testing sector of the facilities management market. He splits his workday into administrative tasks in the morning and sales work in the afternoon.

“I try my best to keep the split between admin and sales; however, I often find myself spending most of the day doing administrative tasks and neglecting the sales side of the business.”

25% increase in sales in one month using Timeular

After 1 month of using the time tracking tool Timeular, Alistair already stopped wasting his time on unimportant tasks and moved a little time around.  Now he was able to spend 3 additional hours on sales every day. Therefore he increased the company’s independent electrical work revenue by 25%.

Alistair started by getting a detailed overview of how he spent his time. He tracked: Learning Japanese (yep, more about Japanese later), Sales, Admin, Recruitment, Reports & Invoices, Scheduling and Distractions.

“When you’re not tracking your time you don’t get an appreciation of how much time you’re actually wasting.” – Alistair tells us.

The accurate data provided him clarity about where to invest more time and where to get it from. He especially tackled and reduced specific non-work activities.

“I’m not working faster at particular tasks, I’m just not wasting time during the day when I could actually be working. … It’s about working smarter”.

How to learn Japanese with Timeular

On top of getting his workday organized, Alistair learned Japanese with Timeular. “You have to learn another two alphabets just to write the basic language and this requires a lot of time to study.”

He found it didn’t feel like he was getting anywhere even though he studied. That’s why he tracked his study time. “If Timeular tells me I haven’t put in much study in my week, this info pushes me to do more.”

It holds him accountable for studying more and lends encouragement when he sees the amount of work he has actually put in.

Alistair’s tip: If you don’t know what to track, here’s how you do it

If you don’t know how to track your time, before assigning the activities, take time to think about what you actually want from Timeular.

What insights into your business do you want to gain? What is it that you want to learn about your time-spending behaviour? Make a list of the activities you want to track and then try to batch them together.

It’s easier to have fewer activities because you don’t have to constantly remember to switch it to the new side. For example, for voicemails and emails, your activity could be Client Communications instead of being two separate tasks.

BIO Alistair works as a director at Stretch Electrical Limited. The company specializes in the electrical safety testing sector of the facilities management market, providing competitive quotations and excellent customer care to businesses large and small. They offer a variety of services such as portable appliance testing, fixed installation testing, emergency lighting testing, thermal imaging, and fire alarm testing as well as general electrical remedial works.