Becoming a better version of yourself with Timeular

By all accounts, John Ostrowski is productive. And, as Principal of Growth Experiments at fast-growth UK tech company iTech Media, it’s fair to say that he’s also data-driven – a token from his engineering days when the mantra was ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure‘.

So when John was introduced to Timeular two years ago, it was clear that a time management love affair was in the making. Now John’s sharing how he uses Timeular to manage the time he measures.

It starts with a goal

Whereas at work John has always been a champion of managing tasks and OKRs, he was inspired to carry that same enthusiasm and time management rigor over to his personal life.

He started out by following the OKR framework for setting personal goals, such as “read 3 books this quarter”. But, with his busy workload and life getting in the way, when he finished the first quarter having read just one book, the deflation proved to be a psychological blocker for hitting future goals.

So with the help of his coach, John reframed his goals. While he couldn’t necessarily commit to completing a book a month, what he could commit to is to read 30 minutes a day. And with the help of our time tracking app – Timeular, John began to measure both his work and personal activities.

John's dashboard view to better himself

Managing what you measure

Along the way, something transformational happened to John and his goals – he began to enjoy the journey and build a regular habit. The cognitive load of the need to hit an output dissipated and soon John was averaging 3-4 hours a week reading.

At the end of each week, he’d check in with his progress and make any changes he needed to make to help course-correct. Suffice it to say, he eventually hit his original goal of reading 3 books a quarter.

John is an example of why time tracking is important. He achieved his goals by using Timeular to help build healthy time-based habits.

John is now using the same process to help him achieve other goals.

The proof is in the progress. I became a good reader following this methodology.

Ready to hit your goals?

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Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash