How does Timeular help Melissa?

Timeular user Melissa works as a Senior Analyst at a busy hospital. Her role requires her to switch between projects throughout the day, making it a challenge to remember exactly how much time is spent on a particular task and keep track of work hours. Back-to-back meetings and team working sessions make time tracking even more challenging.

” I always felt I was spending too much time trying to remember how exactly I spent my time for each client.”

Losing control of time

Melissa starts her day with the most important tasks in mind. Projects and their priorities tend to fluctuate, and she often finds herself pushing tasks aside to focus on another. As a result, she often totally forgets about tracking what she has done. At the end of the week, she often was frustrated because she couldn’t recall the accurate time spent with her different trading partners. This made her feel anxious. 

Keep track of work hours and regain control

Since adopting the Timeular app to track her time, it’s now easier than ever for Melissa to see exactly where her time goes. Melissa also customised here Timeular Time Tracker Dice with Van Gogh art to keep her motivated during the day.

Keep track of work hours with the Timeular Tracker - here illustrated with paintings by Vincent van Gogh.

“I am not one that finds joy in tracking my time. Thankfully, I can now simply flip the Timeular Tracker.”

Being mindful about your time

The benefits of using Timeular have been far-reaching in her professional life. By accurately and easily keeping track of work hours, Melissa has a better understanding of where her time is spent. And most of all, she is confident in being accountable for her time. 

“I am more mindful of my time…I guess it is not the in-the-moment mindfulness. However it does allow me to be present with my work.”

At the end of the week, she likes seeing how much time she spent on each of the activities, helping her better plan her work for the following week.

“This helps with providing better estimates so we know how accurate it is when it comes to billing our trading partners and the downstream data exchanges.”

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