How Timeular has helped Miba optimize their operations

Miba is an economic powerhouse in Austria, employing more than 7,500 people and generating almost €1bn in annual revenue. You may not have heard of them, but the chances are you’ve travelled on a bus, had goods delivered in a truck or flown in an aeroplane that contains one of their engineered components.

Nestled within Miba are a busy nine-person group finance team juggling a variety of services and projects to ensure the organization runs smoothly. As an internal service provider, their ‘customers’ are other internal teams. In their efforts to become more transparent about how time is allocated and spent on projects, they sought an all-in-in solution to make capturing and reporting on project time effortless and accurate. Previously, simplified internal time tracking tools were employed but proved to be cumbersome and not transparent. Enter Timeular.

Effortless time tracking

Timeular is the easiest way to track time. The physical Timeular time tracker cube is the world’s first 8-sided tracking dice that automatically tracks activities when flipped. It makes time management easy, collecting to-the-minute precise data and with fewer forgotten or lost entries. This happens all without a manual spreadsheet insight.

The Tracker automatically populates a timesheet in the Timeular app and the underlying data is turned into meaningful insight. Reports can be exported in a variety of formats with just one click.

Optimized operations

The group finance team at Miba is using the Tracker to make capturing time a breeze. By making use of tags within the Timeular platform, the team can assign each time entry to services and projects. The result is instilled transparency and accuracy to their internal customers.

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