How software engineering company avocado transformed time practices with Timeular

Situated in the Black Forest spa town of Baden-Baden, avocado are a software engineering house building applications for businesses across the German-speaking world. 

It was avocado’s need to bill clients easily and effectively that first drove them to try out Timeular time tracking app. And as is the case when any group of software engineers assess software, the solution they opt to use needs to just work.

“Timeular really is easy to use. Manual tracking is significantly more effort.” comments Managing Director, Simon Echle. 

The team of roughly a dozen track in different ways – some use the physical Timeular time tracking cube, others use keyboard shortcuts and others still the one-click timers, each to their own likes. 

Making time-tracked data work

In order to make the adoption of Timeular happen, they needed to integrate with their internal project management and issue tracking tool, on Redmine. “We needed to pool team member data together easily by client”.

It was the task of one of the avocado engineers to connect the Timeular API, uniform the data and build a bridge into Redmine. The task was completed with alacrity (for those interested, avocado have kindly posted a guide on how to do it – in German). “It’s a game changer.”

The team unifies their tracked activities by client and every comment captured in Timeular goes straight onto the reports that clients see. As a result, Simon often finds that clients are impressed by avocado’s transparency and level of detail, and finds himself recommending Timeular to them, too. “Everyone benefits from time tracking that provides high-quality data.”

Despite starting using Timeular for billing purposes, Simon and his team have found their time management transformed by the data.

“We’ve really saved a lot of time with Timeular.” Monthly time reviews that were previously taking up half a day every month now take 15 minutes. “It’s a really immense time saving!”.

Ultimately it’s the simplicity and flexibility of Timeular that keeps the avocado team coming back.

Get your team set up for time management success

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