Finding balance with time tracking

Vreni Sittler is a mother, freelance artist, and also owns a Crossfit facility with her husband. Juggling the demands of her professional and personal life presented her with quite a challenge as she sought to find the right balance. This led to her discovery of Timeular, after she questioned whether her time was being channeled most effectively.

Working from home, Vreni faces a constant stream of distractions: children, housework, checking emails, laundry, … “that’s why it’s so important to me to track my time – otherwise I would lose the overview.”

Correct time estimates = more money

Estimating the time needed to create a requested artwork is a difficult task for any artist. “For years I have wrongly estimated when it came to making an offer for contract drawings for my clients. We artists earn far too little in general compared to what we do.” 

Vreni often miscalculated her time, leading to a shortfall of between 5 and 10 hours in favor of the client. This resulted in her accruing less than the minimum wage for her work.

“That was not really motivating, as you can imagine.” 

The insights from the Timeular analytics dashboard provides Vreni with a clear and accurate oversight of where every minute of her working day is spent. It has helped her to provide more accurate estimates for her work and create more suitable offers to prospective clients.

As a case in point, the following portrait was the first that she tracked time for. It helped her realize how wrong she had been with her time estimations. Instead of her planned 34 hours, the portrait actually took 41 hours.

Better pricing after all

Analyzing her Timeular analytics over a period of time has helped Vreni see how her perceptions of how her time is spent differs from the reality. It has also helped her realize that her work as an artist consumes more time than she imagined: “It’s more a full-time job”. 

Using Timeular also helps Vreni estimate the time needed for contract work for clients, making pricing more efficient. Another major benefit has been a greater balance in her personal life, with time tracking helping her ensure she spends less time on social media and more time with her children. 

“The Timeular Tracker was made for me. It’s exactly what I needed for my individual everyday life. A day that is packed with things to do and full of creativity. The speed and chaos in our house are not easy to keep up with – my little Tracker gets that right and I would not want to be without it anymore.”

If Vreni’s busy lifestyle resonates with your schedule, then introducing time tracking into your daily routine could be exactly what you need to find balance.

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