Timeular 2.2 – Enhanced tags + Harvest integration

We’ve heard your feedback on #tags and @mentions loud and clear. It took some time, but here we are shipping you some cool new tag features to make the tracking and analysis of sub-activities and categories like #billable, #non-billable more simple.

What’s new in short ?

  • Tags can be edited and deleted
  • Analytics showing you time spent on #this and #that or meeting with @Ross
  • Use tags to filter your analytics
  • Use filters when exporting as CSV/XLSX
  • Harvest integration with two-way sync and simple setup
  • No need for administration rights during installation/update on Windows anymore
  • Fixes and performance improvements

Tags can be edited and deleted

If you want to get rid of a tag or modify it, simply hover over it in the dropdown and use one of the two icons on the right. Maybe it’s time for a clean up?

How to edit/delete a tag

Edit tags in the weekly view.

Pro feature: Analytics for #this and #that or meeting with @Ross

You wanted a chart showing exactly how much time you have spent on #this and #that or meeting with @Ross? It’s right there in the recently polished analytics view.

Additionally, you can now use tags in your filters to narrow down your charts even more. It’s time to dive deep into your tracking data and refresh your view about your time spent.

Apply filters to your CSV/XLSX export files

Our export and filter functionality didn’t really like each other so that the export kept ignoring what the filter was saying. Now they are close friends and working together. Yay!

Harvest integration for two way sync

Many of you asked for a Harvest integration and without making you wait any longer – we’re happy to announce that the Harvest integration is not in Beta anymore and it’s ready for you to be setup.

All your clients, projects and tasks will be imported and you can track them directly from Timeular which will ultimately help you to have more accurate tracking with less effort. Go and sync all the things!

Integrate Timeular with Harvest.

Windows: No more administration rights needed

So far administration rights have been required to install and update Timeular on Windows and we know how complicated and annoying that can be for everyone if you are not the person who actually has administration rights on your PC.

The administration rights were only required for the Bluetooth Dongle and as most of you don’t need the Dongle anymore, we’ve detached that driver installation from our app and you will only get asked for administration rights if the Dongle is needed.

Please be aware, to perform this update you will still need administration rights. You’ll have to buy your admin a coffee ☕️ one last time. Sorry.

Thank you for your feedback

We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your feedback which helps to improve Timeular every day. If you have more feedback to share or if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team at [email protected].

Make your time count,
Team Timeular