Timeular can help improve the efficiency of your meeting planning

How to never overbook your schedule again

David White works as a managing director at Menlo Coaching. He and his colleagues want to make sure they have enough time for each of their clients and don’t overbook their schedules. Thus, it is very important for them to have records of how much time it takes to serve a client and how much spare time is available in their calendars.

Finally having enough time for each client

Before David used Timeular, he used post-it notes to keep track of his time. “This was unreliable and difficult to tabulate.”

With Timeular he knows exactly how much time he has available for new projects. He tracks the time spent working with clients, speaking to prospective clients, administrative tasks and the time he is spending with his team.

“We limit the number of clients we take on in order to be sure that we have enough time to provide a great service to each client.”

Timeular analytics: “It’s time to hire a new person”

Tracking administrative time helped David to identify when he needed to hire an additional person.  “Keeping accurate time tracking records motivated me to hire a new person in our finance department”.

By doing so he was reducing the amount of time he spent on administration. He also hired a contractor to supplement his own efforts in marketing, therefore extracting more value from his time.

David’s tip: Track, track, track your time

Track all of your time. Using the Tracker only when you’re at your desk would leave you with inaccurate records. Try the mobile app on the go.

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