Agency life made easier

Working at an agency can be stressful. Having numerous clients and various daily tasks means it’s easy to lose sight of where time goes and bill accurately. Facing this challenge led Alex to introduce time tracking to his team at O’Brien Media, an award-winning website design company that develops digital marketing solutions for businesses across the UK.

“Given our philosophy of being extremely flexible and responsive, it’s important to have the ability to review our workload and ensure that time is being spent in the right places.”

Juggling different workloads

One of the main challenges the team at O’Brien Media faced was to accurately track their different workloads. The need to stop and record each time one switches tasks was distracting and cumbersome.

That led Alex to start using Timeular, and soon everyone else on his team was doing so too. Timeular has made it easier for them to jump between tasks as often as they need to, without losing focus. The reporting dashboard also shows them exactly where every minute of their working day is spent.

Timeular has entirely replaced the timesheets that most of us used to use.  Every other time tracking solution we have tried has proven to be unwieldy compared to pen and paper. After a week of Timeular, everybody became an instant convert!”

Track time to make sure it is spent right

Unlike some other agencies, O’Brien Media operates on a highly flexible schedule, so Timeular has proved particularly effective in helping them monitor the breakdown of their working day. It also helps them ensure they are not spending too much time on the tasks they enjoy most, and dedicate sufficient time to the most important tasks for the company.

The data in the app dashboard also allows Alex’s team to see the breakdown between client work, development, admin and marketing. Timeular has also helped to address time sinks and improve their ability to forecast timelines for new projects. 

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?”

Alex’s tip:

Log every second, review regularly. At the end of the week, Timeular can help you and your team to review where your time was going. It’s a great recap and a good way to look back at your week together!

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