Timeular software provides effortless time tracking to increase workplace productivity

More billable hours? Read how Gordon increased his (and became happier in the process)

For anyone billing their time, it’s fair to say that having more billable hours is the goal. As they say, what’s measured is managed. But time tracking is a notoriously difficult task. For years, Gordon Seirup used a browser tool to track his time and help juggle tasks. As the owner of a busy website development company, Copper Leaf Creative, he realized that he needed a more efficient and accurate method of time tracking. This led to his discovery of Timeular.

Tracking different “types” of tasks

Gordon’s days are invariably packed full of tasks and meetings. He starts with two 2-hour quiet-time blocks and a 30 minute break in between. He defines these as his “high-grade production hours” for the day. Afterwards he spends the afternoon crushing small tasks, responding to emails and organizing ducks.

He has brought these tasks together in the 8 sides of his Timeular Tracker: Administrative, Business Development / Learning, Personal, Press Managed, Pro Bono / Trade, Production, Sales / Networking, Support.

“They are the different ‘types’ of time I spend each day.” Reviewing past data in the Timeular app allows Gordon to see what proportion of his time is spent on production vs. support, administrative vs. Business Development, etc.

107% happier and more billable hours

Far from being a burden, Gordon has found time tracking to be a pleasure. Flipping the Tracker makes Gordon “107% happier”. The physical reminder to track his time makes it easier for him to not forget about it too. Additionally, he likes looking at his past data to identify which tasks need more attention and which he should delegate to staff members. 

Testimonial of Gordon increasing more billable hours with Timeular and being 107% happier in the process

Gordon’s tip: how to know which side is “up”

Here’s a challenge I had: It’s easy to confuse which way is “up”. I put my 4 most common tasks above the seam. Then I outlined each of those 4 sides with a marker. This lets me quickly know which side is UP, making it much easier to find the side I’m looking for.

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